Brandy Pomeroy

Hello everyone! My name is Brandy Pomeroy and I want to share a bit about who I am with you. I am a wife, mother, and grandmother who has been working as a nurse for almost 20 years! It has been a journey working in healthcare, but as of recent I have had a strong calling to pursue a new journey in the field of healing. I enjoy music and singing and come from a family of music enthusiast so from the time I was a small child, music has been a big part of my life. I also love being able to help people in as much of a natural way as possible. So, I decided to combine these two passions into one! What a great way to bring joy and healing to others and myself all at the same time! I’m so excited to meet new people, hear your stories and hopefully bring some healing into your lives. I am anxious to play my singing bowls and sound healing instruments for you! I am also offering Reflexology and Reiki for those who prefer some hands-on-work! I love providing all of these wonderful forms of healing!

I hope to see up with you soon!!!

Sound Healing 

Sound Healing is an ancient form of therapy that uses a variety of instruments to achieve a state of relaxation which can help to reduce stress and anxiety.

The vibrations from these instruments move through the body helping to remove blockages that allow your Chakras to become realigned. 

The realignment of your Chakras will enhance your body’s ability to heal itself.

Some effects of Sound Therapy: 

Reduces depression, stress and anxiety 

Improves immune function 

Lowers Blood Pressure 

Stimulates circulation 

Reduces inflammation 

Improves sleep and enhances relaxation 

Sound Therapy involves the use of specific healing tones or frequencies that affect the brain activity. The exposure to these sounds can lead to positive changes in mood and behavior. 

A therapy session involves about an hour of quietly laying still while listening to the sounds being played for you. You may experience intense relaxation and may even enter a meditative state or fall asleep.

You may also experience some detoxing effects the next day or days after your session. Drink plenty of extra water! Enjoy your session! 

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