In 1964, two men met on a riverbank.  Dick Berry was on a spring fishing trip to the Miramichi River in Canada.  Vinny Swazey was a local fisherman driving by in his boat when he saw a man standing on the bank whom he’d never seen before.  He pulled in and introduced himself.  The two men formed an immediate friendship.

The next year, Dick went fishing at Vinny’s camp.  And every year after that.  Soon, the families were visiting each other and sharing good times on a regular basis.  Football and guitar singalongs, fishing and hunting trips, lobster boils and card games.  Raising their glasses to Dick’s famous toast – “FOR THE GOOD TIMES”.

Today, the families are three generations deep in this unbreakable bond.  Everything and nothing has changed.  Young men are old men and their children are grown and the little ones are learning about the magic of this special connection.  They are all still making time to get together…FOR THE GOOD TIMES.

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