Melissa Curtis

Melissa Curtis ~ Owner/Stylist

I have been a stylist/counselor 🤓😉 for 29 years and have owned Xana-Do Salon and Day Spa since May 1st, 1998.

I launched my own clothing line FTGT in October 2017, a story about a Canadian and American family who have been best friends since 1964.  We are now three generations deep.

I have been married to Kenny Curtis for over 18 years and we have an AMAZING BLACK LAB BOOBERRY.

I am beyond grateful for all the experiences this profession has  brought me, and even more grateful for the life that I live.

I am blessed with an amazing staff and proud of each and everyone of them.

I absolutely love what I do and plan to continue for many,  many more years. ❤️

Currently, I am not taking on any new clients.

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