Ruth Ann Keister

Ruth is a licensed massage therapist with a B.S. in Horticulture.  She currently practices Swedish massage in combination with stretching techniques and regularly incorporates new massage modalities into her practice.  Ruth works with clients to resolve their pain and meet their individual needs.  She believes that with a little bit of daily self-care, one can improve their range or motion and help alleviate pain while creating long-term positive changes.

For over a decade, Ruth has been drawn to healing aspects of plants, which ultimately led her towards self-care.  In 2020 she received a certificate in Yoga Teacher training from Panacea, School of Integrative Health in Hallowell. She continued her studies at The Riverwalk Center, School for Therapeutic Arts in Newport; and in March of 2023 she received her massage therapist certification and license.

Ruth is an avid hiker and forager who feels most at home in the woods.